I always wanted to make my own music when I was younger. I had a cheap keyboard and occasionally played around with my dads acoustic guitar. But I just couldn’t figure out how to actually make and record any music myself. That all changed when I saved up and bought a cool-looking midi device called the Launchpad, which came with a lite version of Ableton live. I had no idea what Ableton was, or what DAW’s where in general at that time, but I quickly started learning about them and soon realized that I discovered a whole new world. Over the years I collected more and more gear and started building and expanding my home studio. I started learning mixing and mastering, playing guitar, drums and bass, learning to use analog, software and modular synthesizers and made songs in all sorts of genres from chill ambient music to brutal death metal. That’s where I also started getting into sound design. I always loved messing around with synths I had, and manipulating samples I recorded to create a bunch of cool sounds. At some point one of my friends asked me if I could make some sound effects for a video he was working on for school. That’s where I really got introduced to making sounds for video and film. Obviously I had no idea what I was doing at the time but I loved it so much that when the project was finished, I knew I wanted to take sound design seriously. That same friend and I have a long history making short films together. We started out making video’s on youtube back in 2012. In October 2022 we launched a photography and video production company called Lowbass media, where I take care of all the audio and music work and make sure our clients end up with something that’s sonically unique. These days I’m busy working for Lowbass, doing freelance sound design, collecting records, making music, mountain biking, hiking, camping, all that good stuff.